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What is a Trust?

A trust is a way of holding property for the benefit of other people without giving them full control over it. The basic legal definition of a trust is that it is an arrangement where an individual (the settlor) creates a legal obligation over property that requires: 


  • Other persons (the trustee(s))
  • To deal with property over which they have control (the trust property)
  • For the benefit of certain other people (beneficiaries)

Trusts can provide a large range of tax and estate planning opportunities. 


Our Trust planning section is for advisers who are considering the use of an offshore plan in conjunction with a trust to assist with their clients investment affairs. 


In particular, it will be of use to those wishing to enhance the benefits offered through the range of life assurance products that RL360 has designed to meet the needs of both UK domiciled and non-UK domiciled clients. 


More information about our trusts can be found under 'Our Trust Range' on the Trusts tab above.