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Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, filling out forms may well be the last thing on your mind. We’ll make it as clear and easy to do as we can.


Please contact us on +44 1624 681682, or email us at, and we'll let you know exactly what form you have to fill in and send back to us.


But before you contact us about a death claim it is a good idea to have the following documents to hand, because we will want to see them:


  • Original death certificate with a certified translation (where the certificate is not in English)
  • Return of the original schedule and any endorsements
  • Proof of ID and address for the claimant(s)


Or if it is a critical illness claim:


  • Medical reports relating to the condition under which you are claiming


Our vastly experienced underwriting and claims team will do everything they can to process your claim quickly and sensitively.



The following information applies to you if you are a Lebanese resident and own either of the following RL360 protection products: 


  • Protected Lifestyle Lebanon
  • LifePlan Lebanon


What happens to the claim proceeds?


In the event of a valid death claim, the beneficiaries will be required to pay the appropriate tax at the Ministry of Finance before we can remit the proceeds of the plan. The tax levied is currently 5% of the full claim amount. 


Once we have received acceptable evidence that the tax has been paid, we will send the claim proceeds directly to the beneficiaries’ bank account.


Payment of claim proceeds


Proceeds can be paid directly into the account of a bank domiciled in Lebanon if the beneficiary has requested us to do so. Alternatively, provided that we can verify the bank account as the legitimate account of the beneficiary, we can pay the proceeds into a bank account in any recognised and secure jurisdiction in the world. 


Please note that the bank account must be in the name of the beneficiary.